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Kaina: 10.00100.00

Be PVM: 10.00 €

Gift Voucher Rules

1. You can use the gift coupon in the online store
2. Enter the gift voucher code in the checkout step.
3. The gift coupon is valid for 6 months, from the day of its purchase, (the validity of the coupon is not extended
4. The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for money.
5. The coupon can be used during one purchase.
6. If the amount of the order for which the payment is made after applying the Gift Coupon is less than the Gift
value of the coupon, the resulting difference is non-refundable.
7. If the amount of the order paid for after applying the Gift Coupon exceeds the value of the Gift Coupon,
the missing amount must be paid by choosing one of the offered payment methods.
8. When purchasing a Gift Coupon, an invoice is not issued, but an electronic Gift Coupon is sent
transfer deed.
9. Gift vouchers cannot be used to pay for newly purchased Gift vouchers.
10. UAB “Mastama” assumes no responsibility if the coupon is lost or damaged.
11. For more detailed information, contact: +370 60 333 234 / [email protected]

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Gift Card Amount

10€, 20€, 30€, 40€, 50€, 100€


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